I returned to the dentist for my second appointment. The bill came to a grand total of €62, which to my mind is incredibly cheap when I compare it to the cost of dentistry in the UK. Apparently in France the government has set a fixed tariff for things like fillings. Supposedly one should have a dental checkup every six months. I’ll try and compromise, and make an entry in my calendar for the next visit; perhaps in two years’ time.

I installed the remaining two brackets on the roof. This time I rigged a safety harness using a thick polypropylene Land Rover towrope with a shackle. I clipped the shackle to the roof ladder; and the eye at the other end of the towrope was threaded through a shorter length of rope, still in my possession from my army days; it’s called a “Tokkel Tou” (utility rope). This was fastened around my waist. Well, it was better than nothing, and I felt a lot safer! Now I just need to paint the metal frame I made last week, and then that can be fixed to the roof. The solar panel simply rests inside this frame and will be fixed to it with screws.

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