Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s a bit late, but I’ve been busy. We recently had a problem with the upstairs thermal store. This has now been fixed, and all that remains is a stained patch on the lounge ceiling. However, this made me realise that I had not really finished the website section on “Heating”. So I have spent the last couple of days writing more pages for this section. You can read about the leak on the new Thermal Store Insulation page.

I have also tweaked the display of photos on these pages, as it was apparently not obvious to everyone that the little thumbnail images were clickable to reveal larger photos. I thus used some javascript to improve the lightbox-style gallery. Obviously if you have javascript turned off in your browser you won’t benefit from the full experience!

The menu on the left-hand side at the top of the page has also been redesigned incorporating a new flyout menu for the “Heating” section. No javascript was used here; but if you’re using an older browser like IE6 you’ll probably be out of luck! The subsections are still accessible through links on the main “Heating” page though.