After having done our weekly shop in the morning, not only was there no prescription to collect for the aged FIL (so our shopping was completed in record time) but we were delighted to discover that today’s post contained the missing rainwater barrel connectors!

So the rest of the day was spent installing these. LSS started clearing the upper floor which contained all sorts of rubbish. This meant there was another pile of wood (woodworm-infested old rafters for example) to cut up with the chainsaw. She also discovered an old barn-owl nest, and a large pile of chestnuts which had been there for decades, still in their outer spiky shells. It’s highly unlikely any of these were edible, as most appeared to have wormholes in them. They all went into the brazier bin ready for heating the next batch of charcoal.

The sun came out in the afternoon so we managed to get a dose of much-needed vitamin D. We celebrated this by eating the six strawberries which were now fully ripe. We’ve also started enjoying the radishes; we had some of these at lunchtime and they are much more peppery than the sort you can buy in the supermarkets! I’m looking forward to the day when my watermelons are ready to eat!

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