Pixie our cat didn’t turn up for breakfast. For her, this was highly unusual, as her most common question appears to be “Ooh, something new. Can I eat it?”

Found her in the “loft” above the workshop. Later in the morning she still hadn’t had breakfast, and she had curled up in the grass near the impending borehole. It seems she had some sort of incident last night and something like a thorn or pine needle had punctured her right eye; it was shut and the eyeball was bloody.

So we shot off to the vet in Salbris. Was very impressed; although we didn’t have an appointment we were seen straight away. It doesn’t appear to be too serious an injury; she had some injections and we have two lots of drops to put in her eye at least ten times a day. So she’s been confined to the house for the next couple of days at least so we can keep an eye on her (in more ways than one).

The vet bill seemed quite reasonable – it would appear veterinary treatment in France is a great deal cheaper than it is in Britain.

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