Yesterday we visited neighbour J, as she had telephoned to let us know the elderberry trees were ready for picking! We took a large bucket and filled it with berries, so today the 2012 batch of elderberry wine is on the go.

Today we received the borehole pump we ordered from Belgium. Not only did we receive it today as we were promised; but it was actually hand-delivered by the Area Sales Manager (Benelux) with whom I had corresponded regarding the order. Pay attention, French people. This is the definition of outstanding customer service.

Granted, he was going to be in the vicinity anyway, as he was visiting family in the area, but it’s still amazing service. We were in complete shock for the rest of the day. I’ll be putting up a page on the website about the pump installation, and you’ll be able to read all about this innovative pump manufacturer then.

I also booked an airline ticket to South Africa to visit my aged mother (who is 92 this year). Unfortunately we can’t both afford to go, so LSS will have to soldier on without me for a week.

The rest of the day was spent working on shortening the new kitchen door which we bought. The door opening measures 194.5cm in height; the door is 220cm high. I managed to dismantle the bottom section using the radial arm saw and the router, and having cut the door (and frame!) to the required height I am now in the process of reassembling the bottom rails and weatherstrip.

Oh yes, and the cat has gone missing. Again. She didn’t turn up for dinner last night, but first thing this morning we noticed her bowl was empty, so she must have come home during the night. We have a Sureflap electronic cat flap programmed to her microchip, so it could only have been her that ate the catfood. (Unless one of us was sleepwalking and fancied a snack. Yuk.) But we haven’t seen her all day, and she hasn’t turned up for dinner again. She does tend to treat this place like a McDonald’s drive-through, but this is becoming ridiculous. Perhaps we’ll get a dog instead.

Wildlife diary:
Yesterday morning LSS was in the garden, weeding the green beans, and I was catching up on computer-type stuff. I looked up to see her making faces at me through the window and pointing towards the road.
I went out to see what she was on about, and as I opened the door she made hushing gestures (the finger to the lips type thing). Then I heard it.
“Oink, oink”. “Snort, snort”. “Oink, oink, snort”.
I moved cautiously to the property entrance and not ten metres away was a family of 10 wild boar. I don’t know if they saw us or not but they trotted off down the lane, and turned off into one of our fields. Well, I say “fields”, they’re more like “forested areas”.
Not long after that, boar number eleven trotted out from behind a chestnut tree where he had been hiding, and he proceeded to try and catch up with the family group. My first sighting of the elusive Sus scrofa scrofa! Obelix would have loved it.

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