Today we went to visit Friend L in Bonny-sur-Loire. The hand-built kayak was examined and was found to be very impressive.
After lunch, she suggested a short walk to see the Loire river.
“Why not?” we said.


Canicule (heatwave) warning? Check.
Temperature outside 43 degrees Centigrade? Check.
Bottle of 1.5 litres water for three people? Check.
Fifteen kilometres and three and a half hours later….

LSS has blisters on her toes from not wearing proper walking shoes. If we’d known we were going to do a fifteen kilometre walk we would have been more properly dressed! Other than that we’re fine, so we must be a lot fitter than we thought.

Mind you, we did see some fish in the river from the vantage point of one of the bridges. They appeared to be salmon, and must have been nearly a metre in length, not kidding.

We also bumped into a retired English couple in their campervan and stopped for a chat.

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