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As an update to the previous post regarding the theft from the aged FIL, further items have come to light. Or rather, they have not come to light because they’re missing. There’s a steel toolbox which apparently had a lot of spanners in it; a boxed screwdriver set, and also last week I needed to pump up the tractor tyres which were a bit flat. Lo and behold, the tyre inflator is also conspicuous by its absence.

So yesterday LSS spoke to the Garde Champêtre (the local town clerk/village policeman) who suggested that she make a statement to the police. It’s not that we are hopeful of getting the stolen items returned, but if it helps to prevent thefts from other aged persons in future….

Off we went to the Gendarmerie in Salbris where the only person on duty in the entire building seemed to be the desk sergeant. LSS explained the situation. The desk sergeant then informed us that we had to call the thief to ask him to return the items he’d taken.

Yes, dear readers, that’s what he said.

This advice seemed rather odd, so we slept on it. This morning, it still seemed odd. In my view it opens the door to all sorts of nastiness including possible defamation of character lawsuits etc. etc. But as we don’t have the thief’s telephone number, LSS spoke to the manager of the domestic aid service (the thief’s employer) and the manager was equally puzzled by this advice.

So LSS called the police sergeant again, to make an appointment so that she could give a statement.

The sergeant was considerably annoyed that LSS had not followed his advice. “In my experience, this usually solves cases of theft,” he said. I kid you not.

Wow, groundbreaking stuff! If this technique gets out, I can see the crime statistics dropping through the floor. It makes one wonder why we have a police force at all.

Personally I think the desk sergeant didn’t want to have to do any more work than was absolutely necessary. We discussed the matter with the aged FIL (who is now aware of what’s missing) and he just wants the whole matter dropped.

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