A very grey day today, weatherwise. So we took the opportunity to have a haircut. I cut LSS’s hair, and she cut mine.

We then took a stroll down one of the field paths she’d cleared with the tractor/brushcutter on Friday. We’ve nicknamed it “Sloe Alley” because there are several heavily-laden Prunus spinosa trees all in a row. We had taken a bucket with us, and about 40 minutes of picking resulted in 3.3kg of fruit. The next batch of sloe wine is under way…

After lunch we visited the chestnut trees which grow opposite the house and gathered a bowlful of chestnuts. I’ve started peeling them in order to make chestnut flour. It’s a very labour-intensive process!

For dinner we had pot-roasted pheasant (the bird was donated to us by M&O as a thank-you present for clearing the alleyways around the fields to improve hunting access for M&O’s group of hunters). This was served with fried mushrooms which we gathered yesterday afternoon. We collected a whole basketful, and LSS has cooked and frozen some for later use. They’re the Macrolepiota procera (parasol) which seem to like the grassy areas which were cut short by the tractor/brushcutter. Dinner was very tasty indeed.

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