RIP Kenwood.

Yesterday was a sad day; our Kenwood BM200 bread machine gave up the ghost. I’d put all the ingredients in the breadpan, but when I plugged the machine in to the mains, it gave a sad feeble chirrup and the display went blank.

It wasn’t the fault of the plug or the socket. So it looks like we’ll need to get another one. Still, I can’t complain; it’s been used on average twice a week. Every week. For twelve years.

As I hate getting my fingers sticky with dough, LSS finished kneading the dough mix by hand in a bowl, and then we baked it in our Panasonic Dimension 4 Genius combination microwave/grill/oven.

This is starting to sound like an advertisement for kitchen gear! But I just wanted to point out that the oven is even older than the bread machine. It’s been used daily since I bought it. And it’s just turned eighteen.

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