Today was another wood-cutting day. I had pruned some of the branches of the chestnut trees across the road, and these have now been converted into woodstove-sized logs. They were all dead branches, and as a result are fairly dry, so can be used straight away.

The barn roof insulation is now complete, and I have started the next challenge, building the thermal store. However, I need an oxy-acetylene welder to affix the brass pipe connectors to the 500 litre galvanized steel cylinder I’m using (kindly donated to us by our neighbours T&M). Apparently one of LSS’s cousins has one (I’ve looked into the price of hiring or purchasing a set, but it’s way too expensive) so we have to wait until he has a minute to bring it to us – or for a convenient moment for us to go and fetch it.

I do have a mig welder, and access to the aged FIL’s arc welder, and also a brazing torch, but none of these are suitable for the job!

The kitchen electrical upgrade has also taken another step forward; the lighting circuit is now complete which means we have two new light switches installed. This also means there are no more dangling electric wires in the kitchen! I’ve also installed a new kitchen cupboard which we bought at Brico Depot about a month ago. It’s starting to look more like a kitchen now! Next kitchen job: installing our new sink…

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