Work on various projects is progressing slowly. The thermal store has now been moved to the loft, and placed above a supporting wall (500 litres of water will be heavy!)
The boiler stove has been placed in its final position, and I’ve started fabricating the copper pipe to connect it to the thermal store. Holes have already been drilled in the ceiling!

As the weather was fairly good today, I finally completed the roof of the wood shed, which I constructed using old pallets. It’s now ready to be filled for the next winter. A couple of large branches from last year’s fallen oak tree have already been cut and split into firewood. (I promise I will put up a web page regarding its construction, with some photos of course, as soon as I can get around to it).
I also took the opportunity to get rid of the rubbish in the brazier, and make some more charcoal at the same time.

My collection of bonsai trees, which have been inside the house for the winter, are now once again outdoors, and have been re-potted.

I recently recovered an old 100 litre electric water cylinder from the aged FIL’s barn, and have been dismantling it with a view to turning it into a wood stove to heat my workshop, which is absolutely freezing in the winter (obviously). Much welding and grinding has been taking place.

I’ve also serviced LSS’s Hyundai which has just reached 60,000 miles. I installed a K&N air filter and some Denso Iridium spark plugs.

My motorcycle, The Honda Pan European ST1100, is currently without wheels, as I’ve just had new tyres fitted and am taking the opportunity to replace the clutch and brake hoses with stainless steel ones, as well as installing new stainless steel pistons in the calipers. Once it’s back together again I may be able to go for a ride (presuming the weather improves and the road is passable). Speaking of road, we had a visit this week from the Garde Champêtre, who was inspecting the state of the public road which runs past the property. It seems the road is going to be repaired shortly (and it’s high time it was, it’s a mudbath).

I’ve also noticed that there are now quite a few Facebook fans for La Darnoire, so I’d also like to take this opportunity to say “Welcome. I hope you enjoy the site!”

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