On Sunday afternoon we visited neighbour J, taking the trailer with us. The reason for this was that she’d offered us a couple of young plum trees which had sprouted underneath their parent. We ended up with five fairly decent young plum trees, and four elder saplings as well. All of these have now been planted in the garden around the pond, or along the fence line.

We also took the opportunity of inspecting the elder trees we’d planted last year, and we were pleased to find they have all survived the winter and have started sprouting new leaves. Unfortunately it will be several years before we can enjoy elderflower champagne and elderberry wine from our own trees.

LSS did some fishing last Friday afternoon, catching 49 gudgeon in under an hour. I think she used a grand total of two earthworms as bait. So we had a fry-up on Saturday evening. There are lots of carp in the pond as well; but I’ve found these taste a bit muddy. We’ll probably need to rescue an old bathtub from the aged FIL’s field and fill it with rainwater. If we put any carp we catch in that water for a day or so, hopefully that will purge some of the muddy taste. I suspect I may have to rig up some sort of aeration mechanism to keep the fish happy for their final hours.

Oh yes – and I’ve updated the header logo!

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