LSS is over the moon today. The simple reason being: I have finally installed the dishwasher!

Obviously the kitchen counter tops have been cut to size and installed, the plumbing under the sink was completed, so today was the day that the dishwasher came out of the barn and into the kitchen. However, we can’t use it yet because we can’t find the rinse aid anywhere!

The kitchen wastewater pipe simply drains into a 20-litre bucket at the moment, which I empty every morning. This is obviously a temporary arrangement until the reedbed is up and running.

I also moved the washing machine from the barn. It has gone into the outbuilding housing the old “ballon” (pressure vessel fed from the well) as this is the only viable place for it. I connected up a water supply from the kitchen using the old underground waterpipe which used to feed the kitchen tap from the well water. The only problem with this is that there is a lot of sludge and rust in the old (steel) pipe even after I’ve flushed it through, so before we can use the washing machine I need to get and install another water filter. I can see another trip to BricoDepot in Orleans is on the cards.

Despite the rainy weather, LSS cut the grass in the borehole field with the tractor – this was necessary as the grass was nearly chest height and could have hidden any number of wild animals.

I cut some overhanging branches on the road between the two farmhouses, so the road is once again passable.

The garden isn’t doing very much at the moment, again probably due to the cool cloudy weather. I’m starting to get sunshine withdrawal symptoms!

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