It’s been a while since the aged FIL had a problem with electricity. In fact LSS was commenting on this just the other day. Which was a mistake.

This morning she received a phone call from one of the carers, saying that the electricity supply wasn’t working. To cut a long story short, I had to visit the aged FIL’s house with my circuit tester. It wasn’t a fuse problem. Well it was at first; one of the fuses had blown. But when a new piece of fuse wire was inserted and the power turned on, the electricity tripped again. This time the fuse wire remained un-melted. It’s possible the three-phase single-phase loads are unbalanced, but diagnosing which circuit is the problem one is proving to be a nightmare. The whole house really needs re-wiring. But this is not going to happen during the aged FIL’s ownership.

Yesterday we went to visit Friend L. The building where she lives is being renovated, so there was a lot of oak timber which was being discarded. We took the trailer with us, and filled it up with this scrap wood. Perhaps some of the beams can be re-used for something else, although unfortunately each one is covered with hundreds of nails. If not, I’m sure they can be used in the wood stove.

Friend L had requested that I bring my chainsaw along, in case the beams were too long for the trailer. This was not the case; but she did have an ulterior motive. On one of her bicycle trips along the Loire river she had spotted a dead tree which had a particularly attractive branch, and she asked me to cut the branch for her as it would make a fine didgeridoo. Yes, she’s learning how to play this instrument. I tried to look as Official as possible, as though it was an everyday occurrence to take a chainsaw when strolling along the banks of a major river. The sunbathing/fishing family groups seemed quite surprised, but nobody said anything. Perhaps my orange helmet had something to do with it.

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