Today was yet another bank holiday. May is known for these in France! LSS managed to talk her Aged Aunt and Uncle into coming around for lunch. They’re both 82, and the Aged Aunt is starting to suffer from Alzheimer’s. I think they enjoyed the visit, although I don’t think they quite understood our explanation of the Thermal Store for hot water, and the Greywater Reedbed for waste-water treatment.

As it’s the first of the month, it’s time for the cat to have her monthly anti-flea and anti-tick treatment, namely Frontline. This is horribly expensive here, so we buy it online from Australia. Well, I just examined the packet. Guess where it’s made? France. Something’s very wrong when you can buy something which has been shipped to the opposite side of the globe and back more cheaply than buying it where it’s made…

LSS opened another recently-discovered pot of preserves from the late MIL. This time it was cherries; dated 1997. They were still edible though.

Wildlife diary: The male and female ducks are still visiting the pond every day, but despite walking around the entire pond we have not been able to find a new nest, so perhaps they’ve decided against raising ducklings here this year.

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