The solar panel frame painting is now complete. We also visited Neighbour J to pick elderflowers, for this year’s batch of elderflower champagne and elderflower cordial. In the afternoon the two newest hens were allowed to exit the chicken coop to join the others. They are now roosting with their elder companions so they know where their home is!

We have decided to close my bank account and convert LSS’s bank account into a joint account. The reason for this is twofold. In the UK, banking is free. In France, you’re charged a monthly fee of approximately €8.50 for the privilege of having a bank account. By having a single joint account, we’re saving one of these monthly fees. Also, my nearest HSBC branch in Brinon has now closed, and the banking facilities have been moved to a town called Argent-sur-Sauldre, several kilometres beyond Brinon. As LSS is the one who tends to do the shopping, and is the one currently receiving payments for giving English lessons, it makes sense that her account is the one to be kept.

LSS called HSBC on my behalf and asked what they required in order to close my account. They replied that all they needed was a letter signed by me. “What about the chequebook and bank cards?” LSS asked. “Oh no, we don’t need those back. Once the account is closed you can destroy them.” We are by now, of course, thoroughly suspicious of any official information received (due to the fiasco of the Quittus Fiscal paperwork in our first year of residence – for further details, read the book!)

So LSS drafted a letter for me, requesting HSBC to close my account. It will be posted on Monday by recorded delivery.

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