The bunnies finally appeared. This time they were much easier to count; we have ten. Seven black ones, and three like their mother.

Their names? Mustard, Prunes, Left Slipper, Right Slipper, Waistcoat One, Waistcoat Two… Only kidding. No, they haven’t been given names; after all, they’re not pets but food.

It rained pretty much all day today. In the afternoon, we had lightning and thunder (with more rain of course). And in the evening the aged FIL pushed his emergency button. This time LSS was home to take the call. He was once again without electricity. It wasn’t a neighbourhood power cut this time, but his mains box had tripped. LSS checked all the old ceramic fuses (which were all fine) and finally in desperation gave the festoon of wiring around the old mains box (did I mention his electricity needs upgrading?) a shake. This seemed to resolve the problem. I have a feeling it’s temporary…
Electricity wiring

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