I went to the other branch of BricoDepot in Bourges, on my own this time, as LSS had Things To Do. She had called them first to make sure they had this model of generator in stock (they did) and to ask if they would reserve one for me (“Yes,” they said). So we now have a means of pushing electrons through some copper wires if there’s another power cut!

2 thoughts on “24/05/2014”

  1. It’s a Made In China special, a “Mercury MC2700”. It’s only 2400W, but that’s enough to run our fridge, 2 freezers, borehole pump, and the telephone! I could have gone for a 3000W but that was twice the price of this one. It has a 15 litre tank and apparently a 11 hour running time on a full tank. Cost was the equivalent of R2835.

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