LSS had the bright idea of searching the aged FIL’s cupboards for a suitable coypu dispatcher. Success! We have now borrowed something which I must admit I have never seen before. It’s called a “garden gun”.

It’s a single-shot shotgun (in other words the barrel has no rifling) but it’s bolt-action, and takes a selection of 9mm rimfire cartridges. Those of particular interest in this case are solid slugs. Now at least we have a humane method of disposing of the coypu. Should we catch it, of course. The live trap has been placed at the back of the pond.

There has still been no news from HSBC regarding the bank account closure. The remaining funds have still not been transferred to our joint account. LSS called them to enquire what the delay was. They replied that everything was in order, but it could take up to a month to close an account. Why am I not surprised?

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