In the morning we once again gave each other our bi-monthly haircuts, so we should now start saving a bit on shampoo! At least my hat fits me again.

I’ve also received a sales report for the month of May for my book “A Bathtub in Our Garden”; and would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who purchased a copy from Amazon. You know who you are! Now tell your friends to buy one!

Wildlife diary: I had a real surprise this afternoon. I was in the workshop, making a frame for the thermal store control panel, when I heard the chickens outside (we let them out at lunchtime once they’ve laid their eggs). Two of them were making the noise they usually make when they see something they don’t like. “Pork? Pork? Pok-pok-pok-pok-pok-paaaaawwkkk!”

I didn’t have time to go outside to see what the matter was. A small, fat little creature bustled in through the workshop doorway, went right past my feet, under the workbench, out from under the workbench again, bumped into a bucket, reversed, clambered over some pieces of wood, and then disappeared under a shelving unit. It was almost as though it was saying to itself “Places to go! Must keep moving! Places to be! Come on feet, don’t let me down now!”

It was a hedgehog.

The chickens had obviously disturbed it in the shrubbery, and it decided to look for more peaceful surroundings. I cut a small corner off the bottom of the workshop door so that it can get out by itself, which I expect it will; there’s nothing for it to eat in there!

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