The morning was spent setting up the ladders and pulley for Operation Solar Panel. Unfortunately the ladders are about half a metre shorter than I’d like, so the angle from the ground to the frame on the roof isn’t quite correct. Only time will tell whether this creates a problem or not.

The windscreen wiper motor on the tractor is another one of those non-functioning items which you only find out about when you need it. I have removed it and had a look inside; it’s pretty rusted. LSS was going into Salbris to do some shopping, so I asked her to drop it off at Mr. C to see if he had anything similar as a replacement. Apparently T (one half of T&M) was there as well. Mr. C thinks the wiper motor can be repaired, so LSS left him to it.

Later in the afternoon T arrived, bearing the repaired wiper motor. I reinstalled it on the tractor; now all we need is a new wiper blade and if it rains we’ll be able to see where we’re going!

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