LSS decided to cut the grass with the petrol-powered lawnmower. All went well for a while until she moved into the courtyard, where there is quite a bit of gravel.

The lawnmower blade contacted one of these small stones, and propelled it outwards at great speed. Straight through the rear window of the Renault 5.
“Hello, insurance company? Um, you replaced the windscreen of the Renault 5 earlier this year.”
“Yes, that’s right, we have your details here.”
“And then you replaced the driver’s door window on my father’s Citroen.”
“Yes, why?”
“Well, I hate to tell you this, but the Renault 5 needs a new rear window.”

From now on when she cuts the grass, all vehicles will be removed to a safe distance. And the house window shutters will be closed first!

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