On the work front, I have been joining more copper pipes together. We should now have all the fittings necessary for the plumbing for the impending bathroom. I will use some temporary pipework to take water across the barn to the external shower.

Speaking of which, the shower tray has now been installed. I laid the waste-pipe in a bed of cement, and then using my new concrete mixer, cast a concrete slab around the drain. Hopefully I have the slope correct; my spirit level indicates that this is the case, but only time will tell!

Due to it being the holiday season, LSS has fewer teaching lessons these days, and there are some days when she has no lessons at all. Ideal for working in the garden, you’d think. Except for the fact that the lack of lessons seems to coincide with an increase in rain. However, yesterday was a nice sunny day. “Finally!” LSS exclaimed. “I can catch up with some long-neglected tasks in the garden, like digging up some potatoes, and weeding.” But as luck would have it, a villager drove past and stopped for a chat. He’s a champion gossip, and as LSS is no slouch at talking either, three hours went by fairly quickly. She managed to harvest one row of potatoes before dinner though. We took advantage of the break in the weather to have a barbecue.

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