Last night we had another thunderstorm with the inevitable result that everything is soaked. I have now finished the soldering on the pipework, and the shower is now connected up with the exception of the two main feeds. I needed to switch the water off at the mains in order to connect these, but decided to wait until LSS was out of the house giving an English lesson before I did this. Past experience of this sort of thing means that if I need to do something like switching off the electricity or water, nine times out of ten that’s exactly the time that these utilities are needed.

I’ve also finished constructing a horse-fly trap using a children’s beach ball painted black, two plastic soft-drink bottles, a plastic bag, a piece of fishing line, and a pvc pipe. It’s been installed between the garden and the pond, and is already catching victims.

DIY Horsefly trap
DIY Horsefly trap

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