Today I cut some more wood at the aged FIL. EDF were in the area last month and had pruned the trees which were too close to the electricity lines; but they had just shoved the branches into the hedge. Some of these were a good 20 cm in diameter, so I took the chainsaw with me and was able to extract a carload of wood. Woodshed number 2 is now nearly full.

We have separated our bunnies; we have 6 females and 4 males. (We think. If we’ve made a mistake we’ll know soon enough if they start chasing each other around the cage).

Our neighbour T&M came around in the afternoon wanting to use the aged FIL’s grain crusher for his next batch of beer. He has decided to attempt malting his own barley (he was given a bucketful of barley for free by a nearby farmer). He was puzzling over a method of drying it out after it had germinated, so I suggested he borrow our food dehydrator, and he was delighted.

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