LSS had managed to find a physiotherapist who does house calls, and had arranged the first appointment for this morning. She needed to be there to explain the situation, timings with the washers and carers, and so on. Well, she waited for two hours. He didn’t turn up. When she rang him later in the afternoon to find out why he didn’t show up, he said he had had computer problems so was waiting at home for the IT repair chap. Perhaps he has a computer-linked phone, which is why he didn’t call to tell her. Or perhaps her phone number was saved on his computer. In any event, she was Not Happy.

LSS is also negotiating a contract with a large company in Bourges for English lessons. The problem is, they’ve subcontracted the work out to a subcontractor. Who has subcontracted the work out to another subcontractor, namely LSS. This complicates matters no end; she is supposed to start work there this Friday, but only if the terms of her contract are met. To date, they have ignored this. As she (quite rightly) said, “No signed contract, no work!” Fortunately she’s in a fairly strong position because her diary is fairly full, and she’s even had to turn down prospective students. So if this particular job falls through it’s no big deal for her. (Unfortunately for the company, there’s nobody else in the area who can do the job!)

The construction of the corridor in the bedroom is progressing. However, to make space for the corridor, we’ve had to rearrange the furniture a bit. This means that there is only sufficient floor-space to shuffle around the bed sideways, with bent knees, which is not very good for the joints! Still, it’s only temporary; for the next year or so.

We’re not too happy with our four newest hens. During the first week we had five small eggs from them. That was four weeks ago. Since then, they’ve been on strike. The six older birds are managing to produce five eggs daily. However, the rabbits have doubled in size, so this winter we’ll need some room in the freezer, and I may also be able to start making some fluffy slippers.

Although the weather this year has not been brilliant for garden vegetables (except for potatoes), it has been good for the blackberries and sloes, so at the moment we have a batch of blackberry wine bubbling away in the kitchen. Once that’s done, we’ll make some sloe wine – and also some sloe gin!

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