It was another very cloudy day, so the boiler stove was lit once again in the late afternoon. I spent most of the day behind my SDS+ rotary hammer; we now have an opening from the corridor to the barn! Oh won’t LSS be surprised when she gets home – we have moved one step closer to achieving an indoor bathroom.

The hens have finally reached full production; ten hens: ten eggs. And we’ve just had one of our watermelons. All right, it wasn’t very big. I noticed it was rotting away in the garden, so I picked it up to give it to the hens. When I cut it in half, I noticed that only half of it was rotting; so we ate the non-rotten half. Very nice it was too! And the hens loved the other bit; they really are dustbins.

The rind wasn’t wasted either – the rabbits enjoyed it.

In the evening we treated ourselves by going to a restaurant in Salbris for dinner. Run by a Portuguese (there are a lot of them in Salbris), the menu was great. The choice of beer wasn’t that good though. We ended up selecting a Grimbergen Rouge – a Belgian beer brewed with the addition of raspberries. Well, it was either that or a 1664. Next time I think we’ll try the Portuguese wine…

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