LSS went to the aged FIL to collect some dandelions from his garden for the bunnies. As his garden has been left fairly untouched for two years, the dandelions have sprouted everywhere, and the rabbits love them. When she got there, not only was he in his chair, but he was actually watching television! This event is worthy of inclusion in the evening regional news, based on his previous reactions to suggestions that he should switch on the set.

The young peach tree near our kitchen has produced a good crop for the second year running. Although small, the fruit is now fully ripe and starting to fall from the tree. I must say I have never in my life had such tasty peaches. Although I love fruit, I have a problem with things like peaches and apricots. Their furry skins really put my teeth on edge, so I have to peel them first!

The coypu which had invaded our pond a while ago spent the day defrosting. In the late afternoon, LSS introduced it to the stew-pot, and we hope they will be the best of friends. We hate wasting any sort of food. LSS was chatting to the mother of one of her students the other day, who works near a branch of “Restos du Cœur“. This is an association which dishes out food parcels and hot meals to persons in need. Unfortunately it would seem that there are some persons in need who are not really in need. She has seen evidence in a nearby skip that food parcels have been opened, and un-liked contents simply thrown away. Having grown up in Africa – well, I’ll say no more about this.

4 thoughts on “21/09/2014”

  1. Jenna (the dog) very proudly brought me a “Riet Rot” last night ( Rottus Rietes)((do not ask me the fancy names now a days!) Obviously alive! Pointers are not suppose to kill their retrieve ,and like a great mamparra i told her to “spoeg uit” which she promptly did.So-for a very short time,we had a rietrot running around in our house. It was caught very quickly again and she took it out and i think the one cat then took it furhter upon him to show the rat the night life of Darling. I do not think i would have liked to eat it and if it was in my parcel, i would have chucked it in the bin too.

  2. I think it is the Otomys irroratus ( Vlei rot that came out of the reeds close to us) Apologies to the reed rot.

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