Ack! It’s October! Today’s post is basically a “Wildlife Diary” in its entirety.

For the second year running, we’ve had a problem with wasps. The first time, they were nesting in the roof above the kitchen window. I decided to leave them alone because they were not bothering us. However, when it was time for all the new queens to leave the nest, THAT’s when they started bothering us. They were finding their way into the kitchen through the joints in the ceiling boards. After the winter, I sealed up their entrance hole.

This year, they had found a hole in the brickwork joints in the end wall of the lounge. Once again I made the mistake of leaving them alone, because they were not bothering us there. Unfortunately it is now time for the new queens to leave the nest, and this time they are finding their way through the false ceiling into the bedroom. I directed some insecticide spray into their entrance hole, and sealed it up with mortar. But the story doesn’t end there. One week later, wasps are STILL finding their way into the bedroom. They’re not very fit and healthy though. But last night one landed on LSS’s hand as she was still in bed. Still half asleep, she brought her hand inside the duvet. Unfortunately the wasp was still on her hand, and it stung her on the bum.

I’ve ordered some wasp repellent objects called… <echoing voice> The Waspinator
Basically they are artificial wasp nests. Apparently they deter wasps and hornets from approaching, because they think it’s an enemy wasp nest. These will be put up next spring. Too late for LSS’s bum this year though.

Last night we had just finished dinner, when we heard a really weird call outside. Some internet research on nocturnal bird calls revealed it was a female tawny owl! Listen here:


I’ve often heard the males calling after dark – to my mind it’s the most recognisable owl hoot:

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