Adventures with cheese…

Friday night is steak-and-chips night! With home-brewed beer of course. Actually I should say that Friday night is chips night; we don’t always have steak. But this particular steak-and-chips was slightly different. On a recent infrequent visit to a restaurant we had some steak with Roquefort sauce. Now Roquefort is a fairly strong cheese, but we found that it complemented the meat very nicely indeed. Well, when doing this week’s shopping, LSS visited the “reduced items” area as she usually does. Some cheese called “Morbier” had been reduced as it had reached its sell-by date. And knowing that I am particularly fond of cheese, she bought this one. And, as we didn’t have any Roquefort, she thought she’d try some of this new cheese to make a sauce to go with the steaks.


Take a pair of nylon socks. Wear them constantly for three weeks. At the end of this period, take them off and bury them in the compost heap until you notice all the flies dropping dead. Then dig up the socks and have a sniff. That’s almost exactly not what Morbier cheese smells like. Thank goodness we have an extractor fan in the kitchen!

Its name could also be unfortunate for English persons in a bar. “More Beer!”
“Coming right up. Enjoy your cheese.”

Yes, I know it’s not pronounced like that. So. Did it taste like Roquefort sauce? In a word, no. One has to initially ignore the smell and concentrate on the taste. But it was still very nice!

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