Last night we had a roast shoulder of wild boar. LSS decided to try and clear some space in the freezer just in case the hunters presented us with some more meat (although judging by their lack of success on their last escapade I think this is unlikely).

Well, this was a roast dinner like no other. Not only did we have it with the customary roast potatoes, but also with some parasol mushrooms (field-picked yesterday). I had roasted a pumpkin in order to start making some pumpkin beer (which by the way smells absolutely wonderful at the moment) and we had some of that with the roast too. But that’s not the end of it. LSS had been given some chili peppers by one of her pupils, and she made a chili-and-chocolate sauce for the roast. All I can say is “Wow.” If you’ve never had chili and chocolate sauce with a roast, I recommend you try it.

I have also been busy shelling hazelnuts. Or at least I was. Unfortunately the high-quality-made-in-China nutcracker couldn’t cope, and broke in half. I have added a replacement to LSS’s shopping list.

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