With the copious amount of chestnuts available again this year, I decided to try making some chestnut liqueur. I used the same recipe as last year’s hazelnut liqueur. Well, it was ready today. Quite nice, but fairly sweet. So, what to do with the chestnuts which had been removed from the alcohol? I know! Cookies!

LSS loves them. I can’t see them lasting very long.

The latest batch of rabbit pelts were ready for scraping, and as it rained most of the day I did this in my workshop. Now they just need to remain in the pickle solution for another week, then they can be hung up to dry.

Tomorrow I need to go and buy some more bags of lime – I’ll use the Renault 5 because it’s road-legal, unlike the Citroen. Then on Wednesday I’ll need to use LSS’s car (because it has a towbar) to take the trailer to the local quarry for another load of sand. I’m sure as soon as I have all the ingredients, we’ll have a frost, so I probably won’t be able to pour any concrete!

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