The aged FIL had his operation yesterday. Surgeons working on Saturdays? What is France coming to? Anyway, apparently all went well.

To take a break from the run-of-the-mill stuff like house renovation or wood-cutting, I decided to do some electrical work on the ST1100. Over a year ago my radio remote control stopped working, and as it is a discontinued item, my only option was to find a different solution. I purchased a diskless head unit which has a USB input, and separated the fascia from the body. The fascia (the bit with the display and buttons) will be mounted on the dash shelf of the bike. The rest of the head unit will go in the tail section under the seat. They will be connected by a long length of FFC (flexible flat cable) sourced from, of course, China. Doing it this way will free up space in the top box. But naturally this meant that all wiring currently stuffed into the tail section needed to be tidied up first. And of course I encountered the usual seized bolts which needed to be drilled out and re-tapped. Nothing ever goes smoothly!

As usual these days, in the afternoon I cycled down the lane to the postbox. The trees are now looking amazing in their autumn colours with the leaves a mix of red, brown and gold.

LSS received a parcel the other day. It was a belated birthday present from a friend in Paris, who stayed with us for a week a while ago. The parcel was rather heavy. Upon opening it, LSS discovered it contained three tins of Heinz baked beans! They’re not readily available here; but supermarkets in Paris obviously have them. So our Sunday breakfast was bacon, eggs, and baked beans!

We’ve done things a bit differently this week. Because Tuesday next week is a bank holiday, LSS’s English lessons have changed around a bit, meaning she won’t have time to do the food shopping in between lessons as is normally the case. So instead, we stocked up on groceries today. And, for once, I went along.

The pumpkin beer is still fermenting. It will have been doing so for three weeks on Monday. This is the longest fermenting beer I’ve ever made – normally it only takes a week!

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