Cat brought another mouse home. The majority of cats will get mice out of a house. Ours brings them in. I think it’s a protest against the brand of catfood we’re giving her recently (Carrefour) as she’s decided she’s not eating that. Well, if she doesn’t eat it, the hens get it. And their reaction to it is gratifying. Actually their reaction is the same no matter what sort of food we give them:
“Pork! This is the Best. Thing. Ever!”

We’re lighting the kitchen range more frequently recently. Well, I suppose it is that time of year. LSS quite enjoys cooking on it. Which is nice. The down side is that I need to refill the wood cupboard more often!

You won’t believe it, but the pumpkin beer is still fermenting. Tomorrow will be the start of the fourth week. Admittedly, I refitted the heating belt last week, which has given the yeast a boost, temperature-wise. But I measured the specific gravity (1.030) and fermentation isn’t quite finished yet. A reading as close to 1.000 as possible is good, although it can be bottled once the reading drops below 1.020. The initial reading before fermentation was 1.065, so the result should be an 8% beer.

The aged FIL is returning from Paris to the hospital in Orleans tomorrow. We expect he’ll be ensconced in the local recuperation centre before the end of next week. The thing is, because the hospital food is not what he is accustomed to eating, he has apparently once again decided he simply won’t eat. This is the very thing which caused him to end up in hospital before we arrived in France.

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