Well, the aged FIL is still in the recuperation centre, so my prediction turned out to be false. Of course the reason for this is that he actually hasn’t been made to do any exercises yet. And the reason for that is that he’s still not eating properly, so doesn’t even have the strength to stand on his own two feet unaided. For breakfast he’ll have a piece of bread and a cup of hot chocolate. Then for lunch and dinner, the only thing he’ll eat is the dessert, which is a yoghurt. One of his favourite foods (chocolate) is no longer allowed; the staff have said he’s not supposed to eat sweet things because of his diabetes. (So is it better to eat some of the wrong stuff, or eat nothing at all?) LSS has bought some little rice puddings to take to him.

Apparently he’s no longer saying he wants to be in his bed; it’s the cemetery which has now replaced his desired location. The resident psychologist has been scheduled to see him.

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