It was minus 5 degrees C on the solar panel when we got up this morning. The hen’s breakfast bucket had frozen solid, so I spent an energetic five minutes breaking up the lumps of iced barley-and-potatoes with the ladle. From tonight onwards, all the hen food buckets will be placed in the outbuilding we call the “ballon room”. This is the insulated outbuilding which houses the pressure vessel for the well. It also contains the washing machine, and our stock of root vegetables.

LSS managed to catch a cold a couple of days ago, with the result that she’s lost her voice. That has suspended the English lessons for a couple of days.

It’s looking more and more likely that the aged FIL will be sent home on the 15th. As LSS is working that day, it will probably be down to me to go into town to get all his prescription medicines. Unless they give the list to LSS several days beforehand, of course. We think this is highly unlikely.

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