Haircut day. We were up early as usual, and as the hunters were scheduled to be here this morning, the hens were not released into their external pen. We took advantage of this incarceration to move their plastic fencing to a new area. Now hopefully they won’t be quite so keen to try and escape for a while. The hunters arrived bright and early i.e. 10 a.m.

LSS had gone to the aged FIL to switch on the freezer and sort out his medicines for the week. I observed the hunters from the kitchen window. Six of them were stationed in a line at the edge of the field leading down to Soggy Bottom. Each had a shooting stick – or rather, a three-legged chair – and these were, as usual, heavily utilized. As I watched, the second gun stood up, leaned his rifle against a nearby bush, and adopted a rather strange posture with one hand to his head. I picked up the binoculars for a better look. Ah, that indispensable piece of equipment for a day’s shooting. The mobile phone. No wonder they never shoot anything.

Another spot of adjustment was carried out on the reedbed. The “T-piece” greywater distributor had become entirely clogged with reed roots, so I cut it off just before the “T”. I don’t think it’s really required. Some of the thickly-growing reeds near this entrance pipe were also moved to the other end of the reedbed. If the entrance pipe becomes clogged with reed roots in future, I may just route the hose from the sump pump straight into the top of the reedbed and dispense with the pvc entry pipe altogether. It’s all a learning curve.

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