LSS fetched the four new hens. They obviously had to be put to bed as they did not know where they were supposed to sleep. However, I think we’ll have to name one of them “Houdini”. As usual, at dusk all the hens left their run and went into the chicken coop for a final peck at their food bowl before roosting. I closed the door to the coop once they had all gone in. As night fell, ten hens went up to their roost; but the four newcomers were still scratching around for things to eat.

When it got dark, I went to see whether they had roosted with the others. One of them was actually outside the coop. How she got out I have no idea; the fence is nearly 2 metres high. She was rather forlorn, and seemed glad to see me! Each of the newcomers was placed onto their roost, which was a new experience for them.

The steel mesh visor on my cheap-and-cheerful chainsaw helmet has rusted, and is getting difficult to see through. I had a look online for replacement visors, but this is one of those examples where the cost of a replacement visor is more than the price of a new helmet. Mad. So I’ve bought a branded helmet this time (Stihl) which has a nylon mesh visor. At least that won’t rust. And whilst I was shopping, I ordered a pair of ballistic nylon chaps. They’re not available in France or the UK – at least, not that I could find. Trousers, yes. But I want something I can wear on top of my overalls. So they’re on their way from the USA. Although I’m always very careful when using a chainsaw, it’s about time I got some leg protection, just in case.

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