Typical. As soon as I mentioned that we had not heard the cuckoo yet, they made an appearance. However, this year it is the normal call; our dyslexic bird from previous years seems to have gone.

Another job has appeared on my “To Do” list. The aged FIL’s ancient Deutz tractor. It was second- or third-hand when he bought it last century, and I think the seat is still the original. The cover has long since worn away, and the foam rubber has become somewhat thin on the seat. The back cushion has disintegrated entirely, and the bare metal is really rather uncomfortable. Well, in one of the aged FIL’s sheds there is an old Renault van, which was given to him for use as parts. I’ve removed the passenger seat, and will see if I can somehow adapt it to fit in the tractor. This should be an interesting mini-project!

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