I removed the old tractor seat. Its frame has been repaired in the past, and is made of solid steel. As you can imagine, it was horribly heavy; and I had to lift it half-way up the cab in order to get it over the steering wheel. Once it was removed, I took advantage of the emptiness of the cab to give it a good sweeping out. I don’t think it had ever been cleaned since the aged FIL bought it. The amount of dried mud, twigs, and dead bugs had to be seen to be believed. One can now see the original floor mats!

The remains of the old seat cushion were then removed. The cushion was simply glued to the steel seat base many, many years ago – so as a result it came off fairly easily. I then removed the mounting rails from the old Renault car seat by using a hacksaw on the steel pins. A couple of U-bolts were then used to attach the bottom of the frame to the steel of the tractor seat.

Of course, the tractor seat was now much heavier than it was when I took it out, so the only way I was able to get it back into the tractor was by opening the rear window of the cab and standing on the three-point hitch to lever it in through the window. Because it’s now a lot higher than the original, I had to slide the entire seat as far back as it would go. The seat itself is much more comfortable, but the angle has changed; it’s now lower at the front edge. Still, I’ll give it a try over some bumps (translation: a normal farm road) and see how it feels.

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