Hooray! I am once again allowed to eat solid food. I had my test done at the hospital yesterday, and was given the all-clear. The worst part of the experience was drinking two litres of  a concoction called Moviprep. I’m surprised this stuff is authorised for use, as it is absolutely horrible. I managed most of it, but the last 250ml glass was poured onto the weeds in the driveway.

Whilst I was at the hospital being readied for the anaesthesia, LSS received a phone call from a cousin informing her that her uncle (the Aged Aunt’s husband) had succumbed to a heart attack yesterday. He was 83. The funeral is on Monday next week. Unfortunately this means that the Aged Aunt will no longer be able to live in her house. She has the onset of Alzheimer’s, so the only option is a retirement home. Her son is very much against this, saying he’ll look after her. However, not only does he suffer from bipolar disorder, he is still working, so I don’t think this is really a viable option. The Aged FIL will be informed on Sunday. Even if he were able, he would not attend the funeral. He didn’t particularly like his brother-in-law, and has also not spoken to his sister for years.

And I’m afraid I have more bad news. We will once again not have any ducklings in the pond this year. Mrs Duck’s nest is empty with the exception of two broken eggshells. I’ve no idea of the identity of the culprit; maybe a jay or magpie?

I’m not supposed to do very much today, so wood-cutting or lime-concrete-pouring is out of the equation. I still have some website-updating to do though, so I guess I’ll get on with that…

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