The final section of limecrete has now been poured, bringing the total of cement-mixer loads to 124. The other half of the barn will need to wait for a while; the bathroom section is the important bit!

On Tuesday we paid yet another visit to BricoDepot. And guess what? We now have a brand-new bathtub. In our bathroom. All right, it’s not installed yet, but that will start next week. I made the customary blood sacrifice by slicing my finger on the edge of the bath whilst loading it onto the trailer. It wasn’t a deep cut, but it bled profusely. And of course there were no plasters to be had anywhere. As usual, LSS had her handbag with her. This thing is a Tardis in that it’s bigger on the inside than on the outside. Anyway, she found some tissue, and wrapped the offending digit in this, holding the bandage in place with some sellotape, also extracted from the depths of the Tardis handbag.

Hubert the hedgehog has made a reappearance. We’ve seen him next to the hedge (unsurprisingly; that’s probably why they were called hedgehogs), and he later scurried into my workshop, where he short-sightedly bumped into a stack of wood before reversing and scurrying off under some shelving. I’ve no idea what he thinks he’ll find in there other than spiders.

LSS took me to a local charity shop to see if there was anything interesting. I actually found a brand-new pair of shoes – in my size – with steel toecaps! They were only a fiver. Now I can drop bricks onto my feet without worrying.

Another load of wood has been brought back from the pile of semi-burnt timbers at the aged FIL. The builders have started the construction of the replacement garage by pouring the foundations. Unfortunately they’ve orientated the entrance incorrectly, so they’ll need to move some of the reinforcing.

I also reattached the brushcutter to the tractor, ready for cutting the grass around the property – which, thanks to all the rain – is now waist-high.

Oh – and we’re still eating strawberries…

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