Well. Not a day goes by recently without my talking about Orange. I expect you’re sick of it by now. Well, so are we. You see, Neighbour J called us to tell us she had some rabbit pelts for us. Two minutes after the telephone call, the Livebox went “click” and the light started flashing red again. I was right after all. It works fine as long as you don’t use it.

We did some research online – thanks to Europasat – looking at the offers from Bouygues and the other telecommunications company, SFR. The latter is a distinct possibility; at least their equipment is not made by Sagem. Sagem makes the Orange Livebox, and on all the fora (plural of forum in case you wondered) I’ve looked at, Sagem does not seem to have a good reputation.

Anyway, as we were going to Romorantin in the afternoon to have some passport photos taken, I took the Orange Livebox along. We popped into the Orange shop and had them test it. It worked fine. So when we got home again, we plugged in the Livebox. And the light stayed flashing….

I checked the Orange website to see if there were any incidents. “There are no problems in your area,” the site informed me.
Which tells me it’s either the line itself or a problem at the exchange. So LSS called them once again from the Aged FIL.
“There are problems in your area,” they said. “They will be resolved by midnight on the 15th.” Upon LSS expressing disbelief, and a short explanation of why; they did a “line reset”. The light on the Livebox immediately went green again. I wonder how long it will last?

2 thoughts on “12/07/2016”

  1. sorry to hear about all your phone/internet problems. Passport photos! What’s happening ? renewal or a trip?

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