Following our board meeting, it has been decided that the wood which is currently residing in one of the outhouses will contribute to the fuel supply for the wood stove. It’s full of woodworm so basically can’t be used for anything else. There was a wardrobe in the bedroom which we were hoping to use, but as we tried to move it, it fell apart. Oops. Oh well.

There are quite a few old wooden chairs as well; the woodworm (or possibly termites, not too sure which) have had a field day on these too – but have been very particular to only eat the bottom of ONE of the legs on each chair. Very odd indeed. The chairs feed the wood stove too, because we become tired of having to place a brick under one leg of each chair.

The bedroom and lounge are finally empty of junk, and we’re able to get our first view of the lounge walls; the plaster is coming away in sheets so that’s yet another job for the to-do list.

Tired, dirty but happy, we retire to the other house and have another well-deserved wash in the open-air bathroom.

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