We’ve been here a month! And it’s still raining. And cold. Had to check the local paper just to make sure we hadn’t suddenly been transported to Ireland. Nope, it was still France. (Apologies to any Irish reading this, I’m sure it’s not always raining there). Despite the rain, we managed to have a bath by the simple expedient of carrying the bathtub into the kitchen again and heating the water in large pots on the wood stove. The bathwater is a bit more brown than usual, thanks to JP’s efforts yesterday. Still, at least we’re now clean. We’ll never again take a tiled bathroom for granted.

Wildlife diary: We’ve discovered that there are a pair of ducks nesting in the reeds next to the pond. I only noticed the nest because I happened to walk up to the pond from a different direction, and the female duck flew noisily out of the reeds. There appear to be 7 eggs in the nest, all a pale duck-egg blue (obviously). I beat a hasty retreat as I don’t want them abandoned.

An Orange/France Telecom engineer called regarding the problem we’d reported with the internet.
“Eh? We haven’t reported any problem with the internet.” (see 19th April, Engineer number 3)
“Oh, it says here you’ve reported that you’re not getting a 2Mbps connection, only 1Mbps, so we’ll need to arrange for an engineer’s visit.”
“Ohhhhhhhh, I see. No, look, we didn’t report it. The other engineer reported it. We didn’t know it was a problem. We don’t want you touching it, we’re quite happy, please leave us alone, we don’t need any other engineers, and I want my mummy.”

The doctor visited the aged FIL today, and recommended that he get a medical bed, a “lit médicalisé” to facilitate the nurse giving him a bed-bath (when we are finally able to find a nurse that does this, that is). In order to get a bed, a prescription is needed. Unfortunately, as this doctor was a locum (the usual doctor is on holiday) he forgot to fill out the prescription form. So LSS called the surgery, where she spoke to the receptionist/secretary/administrator.

“We need a prescription to get a medical bed, a ‘lit medicalyse’”.
“This prescription, is it a renewal?”
I told her she should have said, “Yes, he’s finished eating the old one.”

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