Went to the HSBC in Brinon and filled in lots of forms; my French bank account is finally opened! Of course I can’t actually use it yet, as I don’t have a card or chequebook; but it’s a start.

Unfortunately the aged FIL proved to be particularly incontinent today, with the consequence that not only his pyjamas, but all the bedclothes – including blankets – needed to be – shall we just say – thoroughly washed.

In the evening the first carer turns up to give him his supper and take him to the lavatory (which unsurprisingly he doesn’t need).

Wildlife diary: I’m pleased to report the ducks have not taken my unexpected visit to heart, and are still visiting the nest.
On the way back from town, LSS suddenly said, “Look, dear.”
“Yes dear?” I replied.
“No, dear,” she said.
“What ARE you on about?” I asked.
“Deer. Chevreuil. Things with four legs in that field we just passed.”

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