The brambles have been having a field day near the pond, so today was Bramble Nemesis Day. It’s been a nightmare getting rid of the roots – some of them are over 3 metres long.

I also successfully trimmed a couple of large tree branches which were overhanging the pond.

Have bought myself a new watch on Amazon.fr ( a cheap and cheerful 14.99 euro Casio) because I don’t want to risk ruining my non-14.99 euro Seiko. I also ordered some pet food tin lids from Ebay.fr successfully, so am once again live in the internet shopping mall. However, neither LSS nor I have received our French chequebooks or cards yet.

Wildlife diary: Heard a cuckoo for the first time today. It sounds just like the clock!

We had some turkey stew for dinner tonight, compliments of the kitchen wood stove. This afternoon we also visited the aged aunt once again to cadge the use of her shower.

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