Our letter box is finally installed! We can receive post again! Hooray! Ooh, a bill. Not hooray.

Yet more rain. We went to Leroy Merlin in St. Doulchard in order to get some materials to finally start the renovations. We managed to find pretty much everything we wanted, but as it was getting close to lunchtime we didn’t actually buy anything, because LSS had to get back to the aged FIL to give him his lunch and take him to the lavatory. Instead, we thought we’d just order everything we needed over the Internet and have it delivered. It later turned out this was a big mistake; we should have made the aged FIL wait and bought the things we needed. Especially as he was being difficult as usual and didn’t want to eat.

Wildlife diary: On the way back from town, we’d slowed to walking pace in order to turn into the side road leading to our house, when we saw a very unusual sight; a Reeves’ pheasant. These are fairly rare birds; according to Wikipedia there are only 2,000 birds remaining in the wild. It obviously resented the large green-coloured object invading its territory, because it displayed aggressively towards the car, standing on tiptoes and flapping its wings madly. Just to annoy it, I drove forward slowly. It was completely undeterred. “This is my patch, and I’m not giving way to you, no matter how big you are!”

We watched its display for a few minutes and then left it in peace.

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