LSS tackled the remaining brambles around the pond, and we’ve put them into a large pile ready for burning as soon as the weather improves. We can now clearly see the pond from the kitchen window instead of seeing waving spiky tangled foliage. Some of the bramble roots will still need to be dug out but that’s a job for another day. I cut some more bits of woodworm for the wood stove, and then we paid a visit to a local fair called “Musicalies”. If you’re keen on ancient French folk music complete with odd-shaped instruments, this is the fair for you.

Wildlife diary: Heard the cuckoo, sounds like there are two of them now, calling to each other slightly out of synch.

Unexpectedly, a carer turns up to feed and water the aged FIL, and brings a schedule of visits for the following week, so it looks like LSS will have some much-needed respite from looking after a cantankerous parent.

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