LSS spent 2 hours looking after the aged FIL this morning. When we arrived, the aged FIL was jumping up and down (well, as much as a person in bed can jump up and down) because his electric heaters had stopped working. This was probably because he’s running three electric heaters via two different extension leads from a 10A light socket in the kitchen. We have previously expressed surprise that the house hasn’t burnt down yet.

I check the fuses and find everything in order. These are the very old style ceramic fuses which are very difficult to extract from their sockets; more so because they haven’t been touched for thirty years.

LSS’s cousin, JP, arrives with his son for a visit, and as he lives in a similar type of house, he disappears into the attic by way of an external wooden ladder. (I call it an attic, actually it’s the second floor of the house, but it’s just a vast empty space which was originally used for storing straw and other animal feeds.)

They discover a junction box which has a loose connection, and the aged FIL is once again happy as his electric heaters are now glowing nicely.

As it’s Sunday, we didn’t do very much (well we do need one day a week off!) apart from having a bath. Once again it’s too cold and grey outside, so we dragged the bath into the kitchen next to the woodstove and filled it with water heated on the aforementioned woodstove. Later on the skies cleared and we had our first glimpse of sunshine for absolutely ages.

Wildlife diary: Heard the cuckoos again in the late afternoon.

It’s very frustrating not to be able to get on with renovating the house, but we can’t do anything until we have the materials! Hopefully next week will see some progress on this front, although with all the bank holidays in France at this time of year, it is probably unlikely.

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